Root Canal Therapy in Calgary by Britannia Dental Centre

Extensive teeth decay requires dental attention to preserve as much natural structure as possible. When a tooth aches or experiences thermal sensitivity, it may require root canal therapy to save it from extraction. Britannia Dental Centre provides root canal treatment and restoration, relieving discomfort and rebuilding tooth function. Jolann Benson, DMD, wishes to restore the oral health of patients in Calgary, utilising precise technology and a personal approach.

Do you have a toothache or sensitive teeth? Contact Britannia Dental Centre for an appointment, where we will help diagnose the issues and apply appropriate treatments. 

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy 

Small cavities are repairable with a simple filling, but those that go untreated allow bacteria to advance into inner tooth structures affecting the health of the tooth. Root canal therapy removes this infected tissue before it can progress through the whole tooth, or to gums and other teeth. As a conservative dental procedure, root canal therapy prevents teeth extraction as well as the need for teeth replacement options, such as a dental bridge or implants. Patients have the opportunity to keep their natural teeth structure for much longer with root canal therapy. 

Providing for Patient Comfort

Dr. Bensons strives to make root canal therapy as comfortable for patients as possible. With modern equipment, such as an apex locator and nickel-titanium tools, we uphold high standards of safety when providing procedures. Before delivering care, Dr. Benson explains each step of treatment, keeping patients informed of the treatment process. We will begin only when patients feel they are ready. 
We will remove exterior and interior decay, and fill the tooth with material that seals out decay. Dr. Benson takes the time to ensure the procedure is done properly, protecting patients from future infection. 

Rebuilding Dental Function

After the infected tissue is removed, Dr. Benson begins the process for patients to receive their custom crown. Made from impressions of your smile, it rebuilds the exact tooth that had decay removed. Crowns are crafted from dental porcelain, which is known for its durability and natural-looking qualities. These restorations withstand daily wear and tear, mimic the colour of enamel, and are resistant to staining. Additionally, Dr. Benson shade matches the crown so it becomes a seamless part of the smile.

Porcelain crowns are designed to last for many years, utilising the conserved tooth structure and premium materials in order to provide lasting function and aesthetics. Although crowns are resilient, they still require regular hygiene to shield them from decay. If poor oral health habits were the cause of the original root canal, then our staff can help patients with advice or strategies in order to protect teeth while at home. 

If you require dental attention for an uncomfortable tooth, consider Britannia Dental Center for your dental needs. Dr. Benson provides root canal therapy to those who require it in Calgary. 

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We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Please call our office or use the quick contact form below.